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The East in the  West was een kleinschalig proefproject waarin een 17de eeuwse Oost-Indische winkel opnieuw tot leven werd gebracht in het hart van Amsterdam. Wij verwachten dat het project  vervolgd wordt als onderdeel van een groter  plan voor de historische binnenstad van Amsterdam.



Vanaf 15 februari 2010 hebben wij alle activiteiten van onze “ Oost-Indische winkel “ in de Nieuwe Hoogstraat gestaakt, om plaats te maken voor een onderneming die die meer is toegesneden op de commercieel-toeristische publiekslocatie.




The East in the West’ was a small-scale pilot project  wherein a 17th century East Indian store had been  recreated and brought to life in the historical inner city of Amsterdam. We expect  continuation of this project as part of a larger intercultural program in cooperation with the city council.



From 15 of February 2010 we have discontinued all activities of our “East Indian store” in de Nieuwe Hoogstraat, to make place for an enterprise that is more suitable for the location of a commercial shopping street.



It has been greatly rewarding to initiate and lead this pilot project right on the location where  the 17th century cultural interactions between east and west had such prominent presence.


The personal exchange of insight with the visitors, gave so much inspiration and in turn enriched the project enormously. As a result of this project we have  presented a comprehensive plan for the inner city of Amsterdam, including a convincing physical  representation of “the East Indian store”, with the purpose to bring back the extraordinary beauty of this intercultural theme into the public space of the old  city of Amsterdam. 


 further information on : www.goldenage.name



We are extremely thankful for all support we received from the numerous attentive visitors over the last decade. Their valuable suggestions  inspired us greatly to refine the concept.


This site will be under revision for some time to be extend with more details about the background and the future applications of this initiative.



Kindly contact us for more information on the address below.





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